Solar T-62T-32 Production ECU

This version is the result of the previous two hardware versions and its firmware is continuously being improved and extended. In contrary to the previous versions, the microcontroller has been changed, now providing an optically isolated USB interface directly on the ECU box to update the firmware and to download logged engine data. The log memory has been doubled and the depth of the logged information extended. The enclosure is now custom-machined form solid cubes of sea-water proof aluminium and is completely sealed, provided the connectors are plugged in or capped off

Additional add-ons are already available or under development. The whole system is probably as convenient as a single-channel turbine ECU can get.

All the internal wiring is TEFZEL and except for the USB connector wire, there’s no internal plugs or sockets that could come loose. Cooling of the power semiconductors is being established through the PCB via “islands” in the base and flexible, heat-conductive pads. During normal operation, no semiconductor will get hotter than 20C above the temperature of the enclosure. The heavier, non-SMD components have been epoxied to the PCB to prevent vibration and possible failure of the wires. The “real” power semiconductors are mounted horizontally in a cut-out of the PCB and bolted directly to an island of the enclosure base.

The critical high-power lines are all doubled right from the “umbilical” connector to the PCB. Adjustment points have finally been cut down to a single one for calibrating the “instantaneous” frequency-voltage converter of the governor circuitry.

Production is well underway...

That’s what a typical “installation package”, including the engine wiring loom, contains.

Since the previous firmware version (1.5), many changes and add-ons have been introduced and composed into a new firmware revision 1.6. The manual is much more complete now and covers the new options in detail. A few more hardware/software add-ons are currently being developed and I will publish more information once I’m happy with the outcome...

To obtain further information on the system, please send me an email or phone me at

+49 6081 980383 (land line) or +49 175 8706424 (cell phone, only when I’m traveling by car...)

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